Harvest Festival Research

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H is for Harvest


Farm Facts






Five Amazing Soil Facts That Will Change the Way You View the World

Top 5 Facts



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Use these websites to tell Miss Lee:
What you need from the shops
Where I get it from
How much it costs

I’m going to the Trafford Centre and Big Tescos so use these websites.
The link for the Trafford Centre shows the stores. Go on Google and search them on there. If they don’t have an online shop, tough luck! Move on to another store.

Trafford Centre Stores
Tesco Online

Miss Lee

Art Galleries

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London Art Gallery

Famous Art Galleries

Virtual Tour

Contemporary Art Galleries

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Here are some websites to help us answer our questions!

Website 1

Website 2

Website 3

Website 4

Website 5

Website 6

Website 7



Butterfly Garden – Day 1

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What a fabulous way to start our final half term of Year 5 – today we had a delivery of caterpillars! We each have our own caterpillar in a little glass that has been filled with food. Over the coming 3 to 5 weeks we will watch them transform into beautiful butterflies just as we finish our journey in Year 5 and get ready to be in Year 6!


Keep your eyes out for daily changes and more updates!

Statutory Spelling Games!

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Hi Year 5,

Click on the football symbol to play the games for this link:

Statutory Spelling Games

Here are some homophones games too!

Homophones Games

More Homophones Games

Even more homophone games!

Have fun!

Homophone games




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Pupil Quiz Link https://kahoot.it/#/

Planning a Trip! Website links!

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Things to Do in Norway



How far is Oslo from Manchester?


English Homework

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BBC Bitesize video on commas, hyphens and brackets!


Click on the link above. This should help you with your advertising sentences!

Easter Eggstraviganza

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I hope you had as much fun as we did today!

Well done to all those who entered the Egg Competition – the creativity and display of eggs was outstanding!

Today we had lots of fun things going on: The Egg Drop Competition, dancing to Bruno Mars and Easter themed team races. Which was your favourite part of the day?

Miss Lee and Miss Lieberman wish you all a very relaxing, safe and fun holiday! We will see you very soon!

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