Science with Swoosh!

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5L were very lucky this afternoon and given a treat!

Swoosh came to teach us all about forces, focusing specifically on Magnets.

But, not only did we learn about science – what other subjects did we learn about or pull knowledge from?

What did Swoosh teach you today, or what did she remind you of?

What was your favourite bit of our session with Swoosh?


Introduction to Percentages – Kahoot!

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Kahoot – Teacher Link

Kahoot – Pupil Link

Did you do better than your Ghost? That’s the only competition that we’re interested in 🙂

Google Expeditions!

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We travelled around the world and even into space today, without even leaving our hall! Have a look at the pictures and post a reply with your answers to these 4 questions.

  1. In Jerusalem we saw two important places of worship, what were they and which religions did they belong to?
  2. We also visited the Taj Mahal in India, what did you learn about it?
  3. On the screens that the teachers had there are little smiley faces 🙂 what do you think they symbolise?
  4. What was your favourite bit on our Google Expedition and why?


Creating an E-Safety Website

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Google sites

Level 1 Tutorial

Information on Sir Isaac Newton and Galileo

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Sir Isaac Newton Facts

More Sir Isaac Newton Facts

Galileo Facts

More Galileo Facts


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In our RE lesson today we learned about Humanism. We put our learning to the test by using Kahoot. Everyone had their own iPad and could answer the questions that were shown on the board. Our score depended on how quickly we answered the questions.

Congratulations to the Top 3 from each class: Meriam K, Meriem D & Mika in 5K and Guraman, Lydia & Sakina in 5L.

We hope you enjoyed the lesson as much as we did!

Come back tomorrow to have a look at the pictures!





Humanism Quiz

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Now that you’ve learned all about Humanism, put your knowledge to the test!


Teacher Link for Humanist Quiz

Pupil Link for Humanist Quiz

Computing 06.03.17

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Terragen Image Gallery

Stories from other cultures – research

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Fact Page 1

Fact Page 2

Fact Page 3


Vikings Vs Early Islamic Empire

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EIE Housing and ClothingViking Work and Play

EIE – Work and Play

Vikings Health and Food

Vikings Health and Food 2

EIE Health and Food

Viking Housing

Viking Clothing



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